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Everything You Need to Know about TRX

The background of TRX

A Navy SEAL on deployment back in 1997 invented the TRX, as we know it today, and his name was Commander Randy Hetrick. Randy used some equipment to create basic suspension training, and the concept became accepted and widely used by avid exercisers and athletes globally.

The most basic concept of TRX is: straps are attached to a large frame or a ceiling. These straps can be adjusted to use them and your bodyweight to challenge your body.


TRX is anything but easy

Sometimes, workouts with a smaller amount of equipment might look easier than getting the heavy machinery out. That is not the case with TRX. You might be thinking that it will be a breeze since it is just a pair of straps, but the challenge occurs because they are not fixed. You have to be the one stabilizing them, all while trying to perform an exercise. For example, doing a pushup on the ground is easy because the ground is sturdy, and it is not going anywhere. However, if you get on those straps and try to do just one pushup! It will take much more strength to keep the straps stable while doing a pushup.


Things you need to know before you start practicing TRX

  1. Go Slowly

If you are new to exercise and the gym life, you do not want to grab those straps to do the most complicated exercises. Some simple exercises may be okay, but ones that are more complicated will not be safe for a newbie.


  1. Get Help

It is a good idea to take a class with a certified instructor, and it's an even better idea to hire a trainer who can teach you proper technique and proper form while using the TRX. Every exercise comes with a risk, but you can minimize it by learning to use the equipment properly.


  1. Pay Attention to Your Form

Just like mentioned above, before you move to more advanced and the most advanced movements, make sure that you have mastered the proper technique and proper form. The basic but challenging movements include pike, plank, tucks, oblique twist, squat, row, lunge, chest press, side lunge, and back extension.


What should you wear and bring to your TRX class?

You should make sure to wear lightweight, comfortable, and nonrestrictive workout clothes while you are practicing TRX. It is also an excellent practice to make sure to bring plenty of water and a towel; these bodyweight excises will challenge you, unlike anything you have ever done before.


An extra tip

Keep in mind that TRX is that exercises can quickly be regressed or progressed, depending on your abilities and preferences. So, do not be anxious about not having exceptional balance, exceptional strength, or stability. TRX is an exercise that allows for progress. You can begin doing workouts that include support with two feet on the floor. As your balance improves and you get stronger, you can work your way up to using just a single leg and some of the more complicated exercises. The beauty of TRX is that it will make you feel amazing as you make your progress; TRX will make you proud of your journey. You might end up feeling like the Navy SEAL that started the whole thing.

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