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Foldable Deep Tissue Muscle Massager
The perfect companion to yoga and Pilates , but well suited for runners or for flushing lactic acid from muscle tissue after a workout at the gym . The soft texture is very approachable for beginners just looking to start...
Head Massager Octopus Scalp Stress Relax
The scalp massager stimulates the blood circulation and helps against migraines and headaches. Use it once to release happiness hormones from the head, and you’ll get hooked. You can easily put in your backpack, and a travel case to massage...
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Body Massage Stick
MASSAGE STICK ROLLER Whether you’re sore from sitting all day at work or from just running a marathon, the Muscle Roller Stick will help you massage away sore muscles and stubborn knots. Our self-myofascial release tool helps you recover faster...
Fitness Massage Roller Ball
Perfectly sized for self-massage, the ergonomic ball roller is easy to use and fits comfortably in the hand. A handheld massage roller allows you to control the amount of pressure used, varying from light to deep tissue massage. Find relief...
5pcs Yoga Massage Roller
This 45cm yoga rollers and massage stick are the most popular yoga trainers. Yoga column can help practitioners to finish balancing acts, eliminate muscle tension and strengthen the core muscle. They also are of great value in stretching muscles and...
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Roller 9 Balls Body Massage
PVC + Silicone + Steel Ball 360 degree rotating balls roll easily over your body so you can massage yourself or a friend without tiring your fingers. Colour may vary between deliveries. It can stick to every inch of skin....
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